Low Rez rehearses on Tuesday Evenings from 7pm - 9:15pm at:

St Kilda Baptist Church

9 Pakington Street

St Kilda


Low Rez usually has one major concert towards the end of the year, usually in October or November. Attendance to rehearsals leading up to the main concerts will be monitored and it is a requirement to attend the majority of these rehearsals to be eligible to perform at the concert.

Regular Rehearsals: Low Rez rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-9:15pm in St Kilda, with a short break break in the middle. Our rehearsal time is valuable and we learn a great deal of music for each concert, but it is also a great place to make new friends and enjoy the art of singing. Members are expected to be punctual so we can get the most out of the rehearsals.

Special Rehearsals: There are also special rehearsals (sectionals, dress rehearsals, etc) and the dates and times are announced as these are scheduled. Two or three extra rehearsals are often scheduled in the weeks leading up to a main concert.

Absences: Because we strive for the best artistic performance possible, Low Rez has an attendance policy which requires attending at least 75% of rehearsals during each concert period. Sectional rehearsals can be used as make-up rehearsals.

Personal Responsibility for Learning Music: You are expected to review your music at home, so you will be fully prepared for each rehearsal. Music is memorized for our concerts.

Weekend Boot Camp: We always hold a weekend Boot Camp four to six weeks prior to a major concert to fine tune choreography and performance readiness in preparation for a major concert. It is strongly recommended for all members to attend this camp as it is equivalent to about 3 rehearsals and greatly prepares the choir for the upcoming concert. Beyond rehearsal, there are lots of social and fun activities planned throughout the weekend to encourage camaraderie and community among our members.

Schedule: You will have access to the complete schedule of rehearsals, performances, and other important dates as soon as you join, so you can mark your calendar accordingly, or synchronise with the Choir’s Google calendar so you are always up to date with event dates and times.

Volunteer Teams: LowRez involves more than just music. To keep the Choir running smoothly, we rely on members to volunteer extra time. The majority of jobs require relatively little time individually. As a whole, they represent a tremendous amount of effort, without which the Choir would not be able to function. Please consider helping with one or more of these support team efforts.

Season Break: We take a break from early December until early January.


Fees: Our current fees are $200 full membership or $100 concession per semester. These fees are due twice a year, in January and July. As a volunteer membership organization, we raise all of our own funds from membership fees, fundraising, advertising, ticket sales, etc. to pay for music, musical director, accompanist, rehearsal space, costumes, performance space and all operational expenses. New members joining midway a season will have pro-rata fees.

Financial assistance is available for those who need it and nobody will be turned away because of their inability to pay.

Performance Attire: Low Rez does not have a strict costume for its performances and members will be asked to dress in different costumes depending on the concert. As a base, members should have "concert blacks", which is made up of a black long sleeved shirt, black dress pants, black belt, black socks and black dress shoes. We endeavour not to be extreme in costuming decisions but do expect members to source their own costumes as required. Assistance is of course available for anyone who needs help in sourcing these.

Weekend Bootcamp and Other Incidentals: Our annual weekend Boot Camp costs about $160 per person for the weekend and includes room and all meals for the weekend.